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Where do hydrogen cells fit in?

white electric car chargingOctober 3, 2021

Mention zero-emission vehicles, and battery-powered cars spring to mind, but hydrogen-fuel-cell (HFC) vehicles are an underrated player in the green transportation game. For consumers looking for extended range, fast refueling and steady torque, we see HFC vehicles surpassing the capabilities of all but the most expensive battery-electric vehicles (BEV). A Toyota Mirai just travelled 1,003 kilometers in France on one tank of hydrogen.

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When will electric vehicles run out of power?

woman with cell phone by fueling electric vehicleJune 5, 2021

We are seeing a slow but steady paradigm shift in consumer tastes when it comes to transportation choices. Due to economies of scale, gas and diesel still come in cheaper than electric vehicles (EVs). But with an ever-growing tide of automakers switching to electric versions, that differential continues to shrink.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now: Staycationing

Lounging in Chair by Camper in Forest

July 14, 2020

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now” was the 1982 hit track from the Clash, but it is the question we are asking ourselves during this pandemic. Now that we have been locked up with nowhere to go for several months and as we enter stage three of the reopening here in British Columbia, ‘staycation’ is the latest buzz word.

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