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Financial Literacy: Taking Control - Ocean Talks

It's Financial Literacy month and if you're feeling lost in a world of rising costs, you'll want to check out this episode of Ocean Talks. Lindsay Plumb returns to the show to discuss you can increase your own level of Financial Literacy and take control of your money in a world that, frankly, isn't becoming more affordable! Watch it here, and Click "Read More" to see a list of the resources mentioned in the episode.

Black Is The New Red - a conversation about money for Canadians -

MOOLA Financial Coaches & Advisors -

Bokor in the Morning / Ocean Wealth Mailing List -

The Rational Reminder -

Seeking Alpha/Wall Street Breakfast -

The Millionaire Teacher -

The Compound Effect -

Atomic Habits -

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck -

Salt Fat Acid Heat -

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Valuing Your Business with Ernest Bednarz, CBV - The Alpha Advisor

Your business has value and our latest guest can help you unlock it. Ernest Bednarz, Chartered Business Valuator & Founder of the Malahat Valuation Group joins us on the Alpha Advisor today to discuss the latest trends in business valuations and how you can ensure that your own business can increase & maintain its' worth.

You can watch the episode by clicking here, and learn more about Ernest and his business at

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