Recreational Marijuana: A Boom Waiting for a Bust?

Cannabis bush

October 6, 2018

Hooray, Canadians can now consume cannabis in their own homes (subject to health and rental restrictions) without fear of reprisal from the justice system — and the various levels of government can’t wait to get their hands on the anticipated tax windfall while producers and retailers have visions of green gold filling corporate coffers.

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When Am I Really Ready to Retire?

RetirementAs you edge closer to the end of your working life, it’s time to think about retirement. Whether that’s a source of crippling anxiety or complete bliss, retirement planning can help secure a bright future outside of work.

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Making Sense of Bitcoins

BitcoinApril 23, 2018

Bitcoins, what the heck are they? As financial advisors who provide investment advice that should reflect our clients’ financial planning goals, we tend to see bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as very risky investments. However, there are some people who would disagree. So in the interest of debate, here’s our two cents’ worth on the topic.

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