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How Businesses Can Prepare for Economic Downturn Tag: Business Planning

how_businesses_can_prepare_for_economic_downturnBusiness success requires you to be able to pivot with the market. Part of being a business owner, an entrepreneur, or a startup is being ready for the highs and the lows. When the economy takes a turn for the worst, how can you be prepared to ride out the storm?

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Understanding What Business Expenses You Can Deduct Tag: Business Planning

Business Expenses you can DeductHave you ever gone to a business lunch with someone and noticed that they’re insistent on getting a receipt? You might think it’s a little odd at first. Who cares about holding onto the receipt for a $25 lunch, right? Well as it turns out, there’s probably a very good reason that the person you talked business with over lunch is hanging on to that little piece of paper.

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