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The Bull/Bear Debate (With Donald Dony) - Ocean Wealth Talks Tag: Ocean Currents

The current Bull market is mature after 14 years of an upward trend. Economic signals that occur in the late business cycle are evident. We discuss where the market/economy is expected to head with Technical Analyst Donald Dony, alongside a discussion about the current inflationary environment, interest rates, and whether the S&P 500 and TSX are likely to re-test 2022 highs. Watch the episode here and don't forget to like and subscribe!


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Be Careful What You Wish For (with Brooke Thackray and Skye Collyer) - Ocean Currents Tag: Ocean Currents

Brooke Thackray, Research Analyst at Horizons ETFs and Skye Collyer, Vice President, Business Development at Horizons ETFs join us on today's episode to talk Seasonal Investing. What is the methodology? How can we apply this concept to a portfolio? Find out here!

Learn more about the Horizons Seasonal Rotation ETF (HAC) that Brooke manages by visiting https://horizonsetfs.com/ETF/hac/, and learn about Horizons' itself at http://www.horizonsetfs.com

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Valuing Your Business with Ernest Bednarz, CBV - The Alpha Advisor Tag: Ocean Currents

Your business has value and our latest guest can help you unlock it. Ernest Bednarz, Chartered Business Valuator & Founder of the Malahat Valuation Group joins us on the Alpha Advisor today to discuss the latest trends in business valuations and how you can ensure that your own business can increase & maintain its' worth.

You can watch the episode by clicking here, and learn more about Ernest and his business at https://www.malahatvaluationgroup.com/

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MAAMA Mia! Earnings! - The Alpha Advisor Tag: Ocean Currents

You've heard of FAANG, now meet MAAMA - Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Meta & Alphabet. We break down the latest earnings of these five tech giants, review Meta's recent fall from grace and touch on what these companies need to do to adjust to a changing market environment on this Alpha Advisor! Watch it here!


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