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How comfortable are you discussing financial strategies that impact your future? Most of us are intimidated by the jargon when we need to talk about investing for the future or how to leave a legacy. You are not alone in wanting honest advice and plain language you can understand with advisors who know what they are doing. Ocean Wealth is a team that can easily build you a powerful portfolio and really understands what matters most to you.

With the right people
So, what if I told you that you can have that conversation and enjoy the confidence that a successful financial life can bring?

Meet Ocean Wealth. An experienced wealth management team of PI Financials’ Steve Bokor, Ian David Clark and Joseph Alkana. These three knowledgeable and down-to-earth financial professionals combine their complementary skill sets to deliver caring and attentive service to their clients. Ian David Clark, Certified Financial Planner and co-writer of a column for Douglas magazine believes wealth management is the blueprint to a client’s financial success and simply defines it as: “Wealth management is the process of fitting together your investment portfolio with your financial and retirement planning in one comprehensive financial plan.” Jessica Williams adds support to the planning process with a focus on health and insurance services.

How can we help you?
With Ocean Wealth you will not walk out of a meeting or hang up the phone and wonder, What just happened? While working together as a team, each member of Ocean Wealth is a specialist. This creates an exceptional wealth management experience — one client at a time.

Steve Bokor, Chartered Financial Analyst, can be seen each week on CHEK television. He explains how the group differentiates themselves in the industry saying, “Our approach is to focus on the client — not the products. That may seem obvious but isn’t always the case.” Ocean Wealth strives for excellence, best explained by their shared vision, “to help our clients feel comfortable working with us, ease their concerns and demonstrate, in every decision made, that they can depend on us and feel confident about their financial future.”

You can build a powerful portfolio
What matters to you? Joseph Alkana, Portfolio Manager, contributes to the Toronto/Montreal Exchange OptionMatters.ca blog. Working with many new and nearly retired clients, he emphasizes how important it is to listen to them, saying “We have listened, and responded with strategies to reduce volatility and generate conservative and tax smart income.”

Just as the ocean moderates coastal climates, Ocean Wealth works to insulate their clients from the financial noise and market volatility. They listen — a rare and wonderful attribute these days. It makes sense to work with professionals who listen and are well regarded by the most important people: their clients.

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