Be Careful What You Wish For (with Brooke Thackray and Skye Collyer) - Ocean Currents

Brooke Thackray, Research Analyst at Horizons ETFs and Skye Collyer, Vice President, Business Development at Horizons ETFs join us on today's episode to talk Seasonal Investing. What is the methodology? How can we apply this concept to a portfolio? Find out here!

Learn more about the Horizons Seasonal Rotation ETF (HAC) that Brooke manages by visiting, and learn about Horizons' itself at

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Millennials & Gen Z: Living in the Information Age - Ocean Talks

On this episode of Ocean Talks, we discuss the two generations that have grown up in a world where access to information has expanded more rapidly than ever before: Millennials and Generation Z. How are they investing? Where are they getting their information and why? What should we all be cautious of when seeking advice online? Check out the episode to hear our thoughts on these questions and more. Watch the episode here and don't forget to like and subscribe.


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